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Interested in becoming a vetted real estate agent?

We're interested in you too!

How WeVett 1

Finding the best fit

We can't be the boots on the ground for our clients, but we CAN match them with the next best thing. You!

Every agent that we recommend is hand-selected.


Our goal is to not only find a high-quality candidate for our client, but we want to make sure our client is a good fit for you too.

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Agent-Centric Model

We believe that an agent well-served is a client well-served.


Our client experience is top priority, but so is our agent's experience with WeVett. We don't want you to just view us as a source for leads, but as a resource for serving your active-duty military clients.

We are here to support you from start to close and beyond.

Becoming a WeVett Agent

We do not have a preferred real estate agent network but choose agents for each specific client. That means whenever we have a client moving to an area, we will interview agents based off the client’s specific needs.

However, we do offer agents the option of filling out our “base interview form.”

The form gathers general background information and real estate history. Then if we do have a client moving to your specific city, we would follow up to do a more detailed interview to determine if you would be a good fit.

I'm Interested!
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Additional questions? Send us a message!

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