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With a vetted real estate agent
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WeVett for your next move

When you relocate to a new city, you start life again from ground zero. WeVett makes the next steps a little less daunting. Rather than rely on reviews and guesswork, we will find the right real estate agent specifically for you based on your home buying goals.

Why does it matter

The internet doesn't always paint the clearest, most accurate picture. In fact, researching online can often feel like falling into a black hole of information. Yet, when you relocate—websites, reviews and social media sites are often your only option for finding a real estate agent.

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The better alternative

Buying a home is a huge commitment of both time and money. Don't gamble them on questionable reviews and data.

Instead, place your trust in honest relationships.



  • Gets to know you and your home buying goals

  • Uses sales and performance data as our baseline to screen qualified real estate agents in the area you are moving

  • Vets the qualified agents through in-depth personal interviews to find the one that perfectly matches you

Learn more about the WeVett process.

Your home, our time.

Moving. Buying a home. Starting a new job.

That's a hefty agenda.

Avoid a negative real estate experience. Let us find the best agent for you and even teach you about real estate along the way.

Are you also selling a home?

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